Thursday, March 3, 2016

Turtle Talk w/Crush Gets An Update

That adorable blue tang fish named Dory that we all know and love will be back with her own movie this June. All the Finding Nemo friends rejoiced when the trailer came out earlier this week giving us a fresh look at the upcoming movie that is sure to be hilarious and cute. 

With that being said, Walt Disney World and California Adventure is also doing a refresher on their "human tank." Beginning in May of this year some new friends will be swimming up to interact with you. You'll meet Destiny the whale shark, Bailey the beluga whale, and Hank the septopus (the seven legged octopus of course). In addition to the Finding Dory new characters, Crush's own little one Squirt will make his swimming debut.

If you're lucky you can also catch a glimpse of Nemo and his dad Marlin. 

Finding Dory is in theater's June 17th, 2016. 

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