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What to Pack for Your DisneyWorld Trip?

Heading out to Disney this year or next? You definitely want to tune into this post and find out the best way to pack for your trip! Are you flying or driving? All of this effects what you can and cannot pack. Follow me down this journey to the perfect packing list and be prepared for any obstacles that may come your way. 

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My fellow Disney World lovers I am all about pre-planning to make your trip as magical and stress free as possible. Because of that I take packing very seriously for my long trips down to the land of mouse! Whether you are traveling to Central Florida or Southern California the weather can sometimes be tricky to pack for, this post we are focusing in on Disney World in Florida. Below you will find the most traveled times of the year and what to pack to make sure you are fully covered!

  • Spring Break (March - May) - In March through May you will find the average high temperature reaching the high 70's and the average low's reaching the high 50's. So that means warm during the day and chilly at night and first thing in the morning. For these trips I pretty much pack two sets of clothes for each day. I make sure I have a light jacket or two for the week and also some warm pants and long sleeve shirts. I always pack my bathing suit just in case we hit a warm day during the week and we can enjoy the resort pool. 
  • Summer (June - August) - If you are visiting in the summer be prepared for some hot temperatures. The high's reach 90 easily everyday and there is not much relief in the evening either. You will need to bring plenty of water on these summer trips to keep everyone hydrated. Also make sure to bring shorts, short sleeved tops, and easy breezy clothing that will not make you uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable. 
  • Fall and Winter Holidays (October - December) - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, and Mickey's Christmas Party bringing you to the area? Great! These are some of the most decorated times to visit the parks because they are completely transformed to fit the holiday at hand. In Central Florida the high temperature for this time of the year is high 70's and the low's are low 50's. You will need a light to medium jacket for the mornings and evenings here and it's probably best to stick to pants as well unless you hit a high temperature day. 
Some of my must have bring along's for anytime I visit are:
  • Chewing gum - remember you will not find this on any Disney property as Walt did not want gum stuck to his grounds. 
  • A good pair of worn in walking shoes - there is much discussion between people on what the best walking shoe is, for me I just take along my trusted running shoes to get me through. Either way you go make sure you can comfortably walk up to 8 miles a day in those shoes. 
  • Small first aid kit - this can be placed in your car if you are driving down or can be easily placed inside your checked baggage if you are flying. It's always good to be prepared for those little scrapes and cuts that could potentially happen from too much excitement. 
  • Extra cash - We are big on a budget in our household so our trips to Mickey are meticulously planned out and budgeted in advance. No matter how much we try to stay on budget we always end up going over. I highly suggest having some extra cash in your pocket for those moments you just can't pass up. 

What are some things you cannot live without when you go on a trip down to Disney? Feel free to add your comments below!

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