Saturday, February 27, 2016

Breaking: Walt Disney World tickets increase at midnight

Breaking news from the Disney executives and confirmed by cast members at Disney's Reservation Center. 

As we all have heard it has been rumored that Walt Disney world tickets will increase effective tomorrow. The price increase comes after Universal increased their prices just last week upping the price $5 more per day.

Now what you may have not heard is when the ticket increase announcement finally makes its debut it will be a shock to most of us. Disney is revealing a new tiered system in order to maintain crowd control and also get people on vacation at slower times.

Here is the information we have obtained so far:

Three tiers will be offered for ticket prices with the first ticket price the lowest of the increases.




We do not yet know how much the tickets will jump but many are expecting a one day Magic Kingdom ticket to cost upwards of $125 per day whereas it is now $105. 

Stay tuned here for any news we receive. Also, if any of you are planning a trip down to WDW during 2016 or early 2017; I encourage you to put a deposit down on your reservation now to lock in those current cheaper rates. Tomorrow you may find a higher cost for your magical vacation.

Email me now if you need to book a trip or have been on the fence. I'm happy to help and get those rates locked in.

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