Friday, February 19, 2016

Magic Band Arrival Day

For those readers who don't know, my family and I will be taking our annual trip down to Walt Disney World in just 29 short days. But who's counting right? 

This morning we were greeted with this email below letting us know our Magic Bands had shipped out. The excitement this email illicits in our household is truly magical. 

So low and behold this afternoon when we checked the mail we had a lovely package waiting on us. Now for those of you who haven't been before you will want to know that if you are planning on surprising your family the box is very inconspicuous. No magic is ruined at all from the looks of this box. It does say it is from Florida though. 

For those of you surprising others with a trip you may want to be sure to check the mail that day or for a few days after to ensure no one opens the package unwarranted.

If you are flying to Walt Disney World and utilizing the Magical Express you will also want to lift up your Magic Bands and look at the bottom of the box as this is where you will find your ever important luggage tags.

You can now delight in the fact that packing for your trip is coming up next. Make sure to place this box in a safe place until you get ready to pack for your trip.

We always place our Magic Band box in our carry on as you will need these Magic Bands for the Magical Express and for check in at the resort.

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